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Affiliation dating, what is it exactly

To put it simply, affiliation is the meeting between a company that has a website (advertiser) and people who wish to bring new customers (publishers or business introducers). If you have advanced marketing knowledge, a certain notoriety on the internet or are followed by thousands of fans on your social networks and this traffic you would like to turn into cash, then you have come to the right door. We will provide you with a unique dating site, easy and above all accessible for everyone, from 18 to 99 years old. In return, you will talk about Caramiss to your community, your friends, your entourage, to bring in as many people as possible.For this work we will pay you a commission on all members who will take a pack of crediz (site currency) to use certain functions, such as sending messages ...

Our dating affiliate platform

After your registration, we will provide you with your referral link, example of link: (the nickname that you will use during your registration will be that of your future url).

Thanks to this tracked link, we will be all the activities that are related to your affiliate account. We provide you with a complete and detailed page in the form of a table with all the information you will need to know who will register from you and especially who will pay. We offer a single remuneration of 50% on the crediz pack that the member will take on the Caramiss site. We have 3 different packs:

Pack 100 : 100 crediz / price : 9.-- dollars
Pack 500 : 500 crediz / price : 29.-- dollars
Pack 1000 : 1000 crediz / price : 49.-- dollars
Affiliation dating :

Payment conditions

Your earnings will be sent to you by paypal or by bank transfer, it is at your option and this once a month as soon as you reach the threshold of 100 euros minimum.

How to make lots of money

Do you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a Tik tok account, a Youtube channel or other media on which you can put your referral link? If so, then put the odds on your side. Otherwise, you have other acquisition channels, such as natural referencing, paid renewal ... If you are already in possession of a website or blog that generates traffic it is also a very good way.
How to register to sponsor Caramiss
If you are interested in collaborating with us the registration procedures are very simple, click here to register on Caramiss. Once your registration is complete, go to your profile and click YES in the field (Become an affiliate). A link at the bottom of the site will appear (affiliation), click on it and you have arrived at your destination.